For those of us who aren’t the Google’s and Amazon’s of the world, we might find it challenging
to attract top talent. With current national unemployment rates hovering around 4% and a
dramatic shift in industry focus in the greater Philadelphia area, small to medium sized
businesses are experiencing empty seats, which is costly to the bottom line.
If this scenario sounds all too familiar, the experienced team at RAI Resources has spilled the
top 3 secrets of how you can effectively compete for top talent like a seasoned talent acquisition
pro. Curious? Read on to learn more!

You have to tell something to sell something.

That’s a rough adaptation of a Beth Comstock quote that essentially posits that you need to tell
a story about your company in order to ‘sell’ the position. This is where your employer branding
comes into play. Granted, many of the organizations that we partner with are clear about their
brand to their consumers, but have you thought about the story you tell to your current and
future employees? If not, this is well worth the investment to flesh this out, especially if you are
anticipating growth in your business.


Here’s a quick cheat sheet to how to start building your employer brand:

  1. Survey your employees. Why did they choose to apply to your business? What keeps
    them there? What do they love about their role?
  2. Competitive intelligence. Who are your top talent competitors and what are their stories?
    How can you communicate your differentiators to stand out?
  3. Analyze the themes that come from the first 2 action items, intersect them with your
    mission, vision, values, and voila! That’s the crux of your employer brand.

Your tribe are your best ambassadors.

Your current employees can be your best recruiting tools, especially in this competitive talent
economy. Whether it’s bringing current employees to a recruiting event, sharing their
professional profile online or offering incentives for employee referrals, your current employees
are essentially an extension of your talent acquisition team.
Candidates love hearing directly from their peers as to what it’s ‘really’ like to work there, what a
typical day to day can consist of, and what the culture is like. Also, if your current employees
refer candidates, they are more likely to be a strong culture fit, which positively correlates to
higher retention and productivity rates.

Better yet, ask your senior leadership to be a part of the recruiting process. When senior
leadership takes the time to meet prospective candidates, that signals that they care about the
people that they hire at their company. Not to mention that executives tend to be some of the
best sales people at the company – so use that to your advantage!

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Be scrappy, get creative.

You don’t necessarily need a robust budget to break through some of the ‘recruiting noise’ out there. Just be creative and authentic with your efforts. If you’re a retail business that experiences a lot of turnover, create stories about your company on instagram for next to nothing. That’s where your target audience is. If you’re a tech company, why not start a blog with weekly tech project or tech talent profiles on Medium? Again, little to no cost involved. You’ll need to reflect on where your ideal candidates are and what messages will resonate with them.

One thing you will need with these efforts is patience. A company instagram account isn’t going to go viral in two weeks. Same goes for a blog. With time, consistency, and solid, authentic content, you can build your brand without a hefty investment.

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