When it comes to labor relations, what you don’t know could cost your organization big time. Are you willing to take that risk alone?

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Labor relations are a critical component of a successful business strategy, particularly when working in construction, transportation, manufacturing, or other industries where labor unions are common.If you depend upon union labor, you’re well aware that collective bargaining and other aspects of labor relations may significantly impact your workplace culture, profit margin, and more. While resolving labor disputes and negotiating with labor groups may not be inherently difficult, relying on an inexperienced negotiator to represent your organization’s interests could result in losses of talent, time, and money.
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when you need to protect your interests and reach a fair and equitable resolution. Our team of experts can assist you with all aspects of labor relations, including collective bargaining agreements, and creation and management of labor policies. Using a third-party consulting service like RAI Resources may allow you to significantly expedite negotiations, and to keep things fair and legal for all parties. In addition to settling disputes and negotiating contracts, RAI Resources can review your existing agreements and policies to ensure they comply with all Department of Labor standards, as outlined in the Labor-Management Reporting and Disclosure Act (LMRDA). While many of the provisions of LMRDA apply specifically to unions, there are numerous requirements for employers that you may be failing to uphold, and consequences may include fines, bad publicity, and mistrust from your employees. Don’t wait for a complaint to land you in the hot seat—contact RAI Resources for a consultation and let us handle labor relations for your organization.