Is Outplacement Worth the Investment?

Whether your organization is going through a layoff or planning to restructure in the future, outplacement is a great way to protect employees and your overall business. As experienced Human Resource Consultants, the team at RAI Resources has found that everyone benefits when an outplacement strategy is developed and implemented. Learn more about how outplacement can help your business.

Layoffs are Becoming the New Norm

The economy may be improving, but that doesn’t mean that layoffs are any less common. Your company might be considering layoffs to save money, reduce redundancies after mergers and acquisition, or restructure following a change in the industry.

Layoffs may be necessary to create organizational value, but they tend to create more problems that affect the bottom line and brand reputation of an organization. Is there a way to ensure that the organization – and employees – come out of a layoff positively? Offering employees outplacement is one way to reduce costs while limiting legal risk, protecting future acquisitions and brand, and turning former employees into new brand ambassadors.

What is Outplacement?

Outplacement is a service employers provide to displaced employees. These services typically include:

  • Career coaching in things such as networking, interviewing, and job searching
  • Resume/personal branding services
  • Providing emotional support and resiliency training for employees and managers
  • Other resources to help employees land a new job as fast as possible

Outplacement programs are typically provided through third-party outplacement firms, such as RAI Resources, to help in the career transition process. Such services can last between a few weeks and a few months, and are designed to help employees at every level – including senior executives.

Occasionally outplacement programs will begin while employees still work for the original company to reduce the amount of time needed to get a new job. As well as this, outplacement sometimes works as redeployment, which is when employees are coached to get a job within a different area or department of the original company.

How Can Outplacement Benefit Your Company?

It’s more than just good karma to look after your employees, it’s good for the business. Employees shape how the public see your brand and the corporate culture even after leaving the company. Giving them the support they need to smoothly transition into another role creates the opportunity for your company to have a positive connection to an employee even after they leave the company.

Here’s how outplacement benefits your company:

  • It protects the employer brand, showing past and present employees that you’ve got their best interests at heart
  • It impacts future hiring, as it encourages past employees to refer your company and positively influences the chances of rehiring in the future
  • Maintains brand reputation to improve relationships with customers and partners
  • Influences retention and productivity with current employees and managers who see how well you treat impacted employees/li>
  • Limits the legal liability of the company by reducing opportunities for hurt feelings and negative backlash
  • Reduces unemployment tax burdens by reducing how long it takes for old employees to get a new job

How Does Outplacement Benefit Employees?

Being laid off is a financial and emotional burden. It affects not just the employee being laid off but their family and community. It can also impact the employees who aren’t laid off because it makes them anxious and emotional. Here’s how outplacement can benefit employees:

  • Provides the impacted employees with cutting-edge technology and accountability to help them transition into the next stage of their career
  • Reduces the anxiety and grief of both the impact employee and retained employees through support and training
  • Allows participants to move to a new role and offers them career coaching and personal branding to empower them to take control of their career
  • Shortens how long the affected employee will be unemployed and reduces their financial and emotional burdens

What to Look for In an Outplacement Provider?

You can’t offer any outplacement program in our highly competitive job market – you need outplacement specialists who have a proven track record of success. Displaced employees will be relying on you to get them the results they want, and so is the overall business. If you want an effective outplacement service, then you want to partner with RAI Resources. We’ll tailor a program to meet your needs, which could include:

  • 1-to-1 sessions with personal transition coaches with plenty of experience in the industry of the participant
  • Certified professional resume writers who will help write specialized resumes for individuals, along with cover letters
  • A career coach to help locate targeted jobs, contracts, and event opportunities from every corner of the internet and deliver them to individual participants
  • SOn-demand results, transparency, accountability, and guidance, allowing you to make the very best decisions about outplacement now and for the future

It’s time you got smart with outplacement. Learn more about how outplacement can benefit you and your organization by getting in touch today! At RAI Resources, we pride ourselves on creating effective, custom human resources solutions for your business. Contact our RAI team today in the Philadelphia, PA King of Prussia, PA , Philly, PA, Pittsburgh, PA, Plymouth Meeting, PA, Princeton, NJ areas to develop your outplacement strategy.

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