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HR Consulting Services

When you find that the Human Resources Management challenge that you are facing requires special expertise or immediate attention beyond what is readily available within your organization, RAI Resources is there for you.

Our consultants have been tested in real world situations in a multitude of industries including ( Manufacturing, Engineering & Construction, Logistics, and Professional Services) and geographic locations around the world. We will provide practical solutions and comprehensive support in managing the entire Employee Life Cycle Process from Recruiting-to-Termination/Retirement:

We handle important HR projects and initiatives that your team doesn’t have the time, ability or expertise to handle.

Hire us for  HR projects that have defined scope, and often a defined timeline. We offer all levels of HR expertise, so we can take on everything from basic support and execution to high-level project management and oversight.

We take into account your workplace culture, too. We don’t offer “off-the-shelf” solutions. Everything we do is customized to fit the specific needs of you and your employees.

Human Resource Support Services

Labor Relations

If your business is experiencing or about to undergo a labor relations dispute, hiring a third party consultant can often expedite a tedious, expensive and time consuming process. The team at RAI Resources brings expertise in a broad range of labor relations including:

  • Developing labor policies in accordance with union and non-unionized environments;
  • Negotiating collective bargaining agreements with the union;
  • Developing and managing grievance procedures;

Protect your company and partner with the experienced team at RAI Resources. Call us for today for a no-obligation consult and learn why so many organizations entrust RAI for their business success.

Merger & Acquisition Support

Is your business about to merge or acquire another company? Plan for success with RAI Resources Merger & Acquisition Support. Developing an M&A HR plan in-house can often take too long to deploy, along with the potential risk of personal feelings about the M&A influencing the direction of the strategy.

RAI Resources customized solutions are tailored to meet the needs of your organization and may include:

  • Analysis of,-identifying leadership/ talent gaps and capabilities.
  • Evaluation and recommendation of employees and teams in the new business model.

  • Development and deployment of integration strategy.
  • Recruitment of talent shortages.
  • Overseeing change management and coaching in new business model.

The RAI Resources team brings decades of experience in change management. We understand first-hand the importance of having a trusted partner to help your team successfully transition through a period of change. Contact our team today to start the conversation on how we can support your business.

Employee Handbook Design

Employee Handbooks are more than a list of benefits – they convey the DNA of your business. No matter how small or how large your organization is, having a current employee handbook communicates your company values and expectations, helping your business stay compliant. Reduce liability issues with RAI Resources Employee Handbook Solutions. Whether you are a small business who needs to create a handbook from scratch, a business that has recently grown and has new compliance requirements, or a large business with complex regulations, our team can help.

Provide your team with a pathway to success with an informative and effective Employee Handbook, crafted by the HR experts at RAI Resources.

Discrimination/Harassment Prevention Training

Protecting your employees – your most valuable asset- delete the section on web based sessions. RAI Resources is committed to promoting healthy and safe workplaces, helping organizations prevent discrimination and harassment in the workplace through customized training. Our discrimination and harassment prevention training is tailored to the unique needs of your business, ranging from on-site courses at your location, and to event-based training.

Build a stronger and more engaged culture while protecting your business and your employees. Schedule a no-obligation consult today to learn how our expertise at RAI Resources can go to work for you.

Job Descriptions

A job description is more than a laundry list of duties – it provides individual road maps for your employees, which then feeds into team success. A strategic, thoughtful job description can have a positive impact on so many parts of your business from recruitment to performance management to compliance to building or maintaining company culture.

The RAI Resources team brings decades of experience in creating effective job descriptions, simple and complex, across a wide range of industries. Partner with RAI Resources and discover how you can take your organization to the next level.

Employee Life Cycle

Nurture the precious resource in your company – your people – by investing in strategic employee relations services. Quality investments in employee relations have been shown to increase employee retention, boost morale and reduce liability. The experienced team at RAI Resources offers solutions across a wide range of employee relations areas including: 

  • Assessment and/or support of your recruiting processes. Whether you need project-based recruitment support or perhaps a revamp of your recruiting processes, our team has years of hands-on senior level talent acquisition experience ready to go to work for you.
  • Orientation and Onboarding. Did you know that up to a third of new hires quit within their first 90 days of employment? Reduce new hire attrition rates with a comprehensive and compliant orientation and onboarding. RAI Resources can develop and implement an effective onboarding process and program for your business.
  • Conflict Resolution and Investigations. RAI Resources can support your business through conducting onsite investigations across a wide range of issues such as harassment or theft and provide recommendations to resolve the issue, including termination. We can also support your team with progressive disciplinary actions, ensuring that employees are provided with appropriate resources while maintaining compliance.

Career Development Plans. Thoughtful and strategic career development plans have been shown to improve retention of top talent while providing leadership with a solid foundation for succession planning. Our Career Development Solutions are tailored to meet the needs of your business, and can include development of career pathing from scratch or revamping your current plans. Actualize the potential in your organization with effective career development solutions from RAI Resources.

Organizational Training & Development

RAI Resources offers decades of experience, helping businesses like yours maximize your HR processes while accomplishing company goals. We have cultivated expertise in organizational training and development, supporting Executive and HR Teams with:

  • Organizational Analysis
  • Performance Improvement Services

Whether you are looking to build a training and development plan from scratch or simply need to update existing programs, the team at RAI Resources can help! Contact us today to learn more about how we can help make your organization thrive.

Compensation Consulting

With unemployment rates at its lowest in years, it’s a candidate driven market and compensation is top of mind for many CEO’s and HR Professionals. Not only can compensation be used to recruit top talent, it is often used as a retention mechanism. Beyond retaining talent, how you compensate your employees can have a significant effect on their performance.

How does your business rate when it comes to your overall compensation package? If you’re unsure or if it’s time for an update, partner with the experienced team at RAI Resources. Our Compensation Consulting is tailored to the needs of your company and can include:

  • Benchmarking your business compensation package against industry standards;
  • Development of a strategic compensation programs;
  • Development and execution of merit increase programs;
  • Development of Short Term incentive programs and Review and align compensation structures ( paygrades, market alignment, etc) 

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