3 Ways Employers Can Boost Candidate Retention

Finding top talent is no easy task, and the sell starts long before you post your open job. To remain competitive in the current market, you must ensure you have compelling and authentic employer branding, which extends throughout all of your communications with potential candidates. If you don’t invest in your employer branding, you risk missing out on great candidates.

How can you improve your candidate retention rates? In working with thousands of candidates, there are three key areas that are consistently rated as very important to address before and during the hiring process. Learn more about how you can attract and retain top tier talent.


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1. Benefits

Apart from salary, candidates also pay close attention to the perks and benefits that the job comes with. Benefits like paid time off and healthcare insurance are standard for many employers. However, other perks such as daycare, snacks, and fitness centers can make the offer more competitive.

If you are considering a total rewards audit, a good place to start are your current employees. Find out from your current employees via a survey about what they would really like in the workplace, why they joined, and why they still work for you.

Need help with a benefits audit? Our expert consultants at RAI can help you update and create your benefit packages. Contact us to learn more.


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2. Professional Development

Most candidates want to be sure that they can develop and grow their skill set at your company. A professional development plan can be quite attractive to a candidate, and can come in many forms. This can be a tutorial through which they can access various materials or the employer can periodically organize seminars for employees. Similarly, you may offer certification classes or college reimbursement. 

Professional development is win-win for you and for your employees. This ensures that your team is at the top of their game translating into better business outcomes, while employees feel engaged and valued.

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3. Employee Recognition

When employee morale is high, you have stronger retention rates, not to mention better productivity and typically more business innovation. Recognizing outstanding work, employee birthdays and milestone achievements goes a long way.

Even if potential candidates may never get to personally witness any of these celebrations while they are on site, the ripple effect can still be very rewarding. Post pictures from the events on a bulletin board and spread the word in team communications. Allow candidates speak with your current employees, offer them a tour of your business, and let them see how they would fit in with your team.

Is employee recognition part of your retention strategy? RAI Resources Consultants can help you develop a comprehensive and sustainable retention strategy.

Keep in mind that the interview is a two-way street, as candidates will often be keen on knowing what you are also offering them. Thus, it is crucial to let them know all that they stand to gain by working for your team. 

Getting the ideal candidate can be difficult. As improvements in the job markets continue, competition among potential employees increases. For many decades, RAI Resources has been in the business of recruiting professionals across a number of fields including manufacturing, professional services and engineering. If you need experts that can not only find real talent but also support for Human Resources recruitment and retention strategy, then look no further than RAI Resources. Contact us today for your complimentary, no-obligation consult.

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